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At WCS Care, we believe every day should be well lived. This will mean something different to every person we care for. We want to understand what this looks like for you and help you to achieve it.

Our care is rooted in our core values: play; be there; make someone’s day; and choose your attitude. All of our staff are introduced to these values, giving them permission to be themselves and look beyond essential care needs to help residents find pleasure in every day.
Our people
We know we’re only as good as our last act of care. And that if our staff are happy at work this will be felt in the care they provide to our residents. It’s our job to support our care workers so you experience smiling, friendly and kind staff who know how to support you, can spend time with you and go the extra mile to make your day.

Through the introduction of new technology and our philosophy of elevating the role of care giving we’re fully staffed. Our dedicated WCS team members align with our values and are trained in our processes and procedures. This means residents are cared for by a consistent team of staff who they get to know, and vice versa.
Everyday life
We believe life in a care home should feel familiar. Our role is to help people be as independent as possible, doing as little or as much as they want, and are able, to do.

Having effective processes and procedures in place that underpin every element of our day-to-day care means staff can focus on supporting people to live the life they choose.

We want our care to be transparent, and, with this in mind, have a Relatives’ Gateway which gives relatives online access 24/7 to loved one’s care notes.
Innovation in care
At WCS Care we're not afraid of trying something new. This doesn't mean we rush into things, or that there isn't a good business case which underpins what we're trying to do. But we are prepared to keep asking questions and try new ways of working that we think will improve our residents' lives.

You can find out about our innovation work and partners here.
Questions about care?
We understand the decision to give up your home and move into a care home is very hard.

At WCS Care, we’ve been helping people to choose and settle into their new home for over 30 years. Whilst everybody’s situation is different, we have a broad range of experience and are here to help you get answers to your questions or signpost you to other sources of trusted information.

Our two Trusted Advisors, Philip Rainsford and Josephine Rugg, are your first point of contact. They’ve both worked in social care for more years than they probably want us to admit to here, and will support you on this journey.
If you’re at the point where you’ve simply got lots of questions, they can help you to understand the steps you should take to find the right care home for you or your loved one. Our care home checklist may also be a help as well as our frequently asked questions booklet which will answer a lot of your questions about our homes.

Alternatively, if there’s a particular home you’re interested in, simply call the home’s number and ‘press 1’ to be put through to either Philip or Josephine.

If you, or we, find that we aren’t the right fit for you, Philip and Josephine may also be able to recommend a local care home that may be more suitable for your needs.

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