Our care

Resident and carer rising side by side bike
Residents playing a game of dominoes

Every day well lived

At WCS Care, we believe every day should be a day well lived, that people should be able to carry on enjoying the things they've always done and have the opportunity to try new things.

Our care is rooted in our core values: play; be there; make someone's day; and choose your attitude. All of our staff are introduced to these values, giving them permission to be themselves and look beyond essential care needs to make sure residents find pleasure in every day.

We focus on helping people to be as independent as possible, ensuring they are still in control of their life.

With this in mind we like to ask three questions: does it give people more choice and independence?; does it improve people's dignity?; does it make their life more fun?

If it does, then we'll give it a try. We might start off small, but if something works, we'll take it across our homes so everyone can benefit from it.

High quality, personal care

We know that choosing a care home is a big decision and you need to know that essential care needs will be met. We have effective, strong processes and procedures in place which underpin every element of our day-to-day care, helping our managers to ensure care needs are met in their home. We want our care to be transparent and, with this in mind, have introduced the Relatives' Gateway, which gives relatives online access 24/7 to loved one's care notes. 

At WCS Care we pride ourselves on keeping the gap between the bedside and the boardroom as small as possible.

We're always looking for new approaches and products or services that enhance our care. Ideas can come from anywhere at any time and this approach means we can make changes quickly and effectively when we identify an opportunity.

WCS Care takes people's privacy seriously. Read our privacy notice for service users, here

Care Quality Commission recognition

It seems to be working - WCS Care was the first care provider in England to have six homes recognised as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. For us though, this simply means that we're providing good care, in environments that people are proud to call home. 

Innovation in care

At WCS Care we're not afraid of trying something new. That doesn't mean we rush into things without thinking about them carefully, or that there isn't a good business case which underpins what we're trying to do, it's just that we're prepared to keep asking questions and try new ways of working that we think will improve our residents' lives.

We work with a number of partners whose products and services contribute to our model of care. You can find out more about our innovation partners and links to their websites by following the lightbulb.