Nursery nurse Ida imparts some valuable pearls of wisdom on her 100th birthday

Ida Hemus and Beatrice Leatherbarrow have a combined age of 204!

Centenarian Ida Hemus celebrated her 100th birthday last Friday with a party at her home at Dewar Close in Bilton.

Ida will be fondly known to countless families in Coventry and Warwickshire having worked for almost 30 years as a nursery nurse in Coventry. She celebrated her 100th with her good friend, 104 year old Beatrice Leatherbarrow, and her family - some of which flew over from New Zealand to see her at her home at Dewar Close care home.

Ida was born in Old Church Road in Coventry, married in the city's registry office and brought up her two sons, Tony and Roger, in the city. She worked at Courtaulds textiles after she left school before she married her husband, painter and decorator Frank, when she was 18. Most of her career was spent working at Windmill Road Day Nursery near Longford.

Reflecting on her life, Ida said: "Looking back I have to say I've been so lucky to have such a lovely family and so many wonderful memories. Of course, it meant the world to me seeing everyone on my birthday. It's a shame you only get to be 100 once! I felt so happy when I was opening my envelope from Buckingham Palace."

Ida hasn't lost her instinct for helping younger generations learn, and she took time out on her birthday to pass on some valuable advice. She said: "My advice to youngsters would be not to marry too young, tell your family you love them as much as possible and most importantly, never buy anything on hire-purchase!

"My mother always told me not to try to keep up with the Joneses. My advice to young ladies would be to the same; go out and do something fun and worthwhile with your life, instead."