Shoppers give generously after seeing Alan swap his side-parting for a Mohawk

Alan swaps his side parting for a Mohawk during a charity head shave

A 71-year-old swapped his usual side parting for a striking pink Mohawk in front of shoppers at Clock Towers last Saturday.

Alan Ince, of Dewar Close care home in Bilton, went under the razor to add charity funds to a resident-run garden project at his home - but not before dying his hair pink and agreeing to have it shaved in public. Alan, a member of Rugby Rokeby Lions, raised £462 in sponsorship for the project last year, which will make the home's grounds more suited to people's individual hobbies. Dewar Close is run by not-for-profit WCS Care.

The former TNT driver commented: "Although the new hairdo gets me a lot more attention when I'm out and about, I don't think I'll keep it, somehow! There wasn't a mirror there on the day, so although I could see people staring and smiling at me, I had no idea what I looked like until after.

"I'd like to thank all the kind shoppers who supported me on the day. The money raised will go towards a resident-run garden project at Dewar - which will make where I live more accessible and therefore help people do the outdoor things they always have done, whether it's cultivating flowers, growing herbs, having a game of badminton or simply going for a stroll."

Anyone who wants to sponsor Alan can do so by filling in sponsorship form in the entrance of Dewar Close in Bilton