WCS Care’s new £10.5m Kenilworth care home hosts visit by former Lib Dem health minister

Cllr John Whitehouse, Cllr Jerry Roodhouse and Rt. Hon Norman Lamb MP are shown around Castle Brook by WCS Care's Ed Russell

WCS Care’s new £10.5 million state-of-the-art specialist dementia care home in Kenilworth played host to the Rt. Hon Norman Lamb MP, as part of his whistle-stop visit around Warwickshire.

The former health minister was invited along on Thursday 17th November to take a tour of Castle Brook on Common Lane, which will be home to 84 people and welcomes the first residents in December 2016.

Run by the Warwickshire-based charity, the first care home group in England to have five homes recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission, the inspirational new home will include household-style living and ensuite rooms throughout.

Castle Brook is also one of only a small number of care homes in the county to offer double apartments for residents wanting to live together or to provide extra space for friends and relatives who are visiting.

There will be vibrant community facilities including an on-site shop to pick up groceries, a coffee shop serving drinks and cakes, a hair salon, relaxing spa, traditional launderette and in-house cinema, all created to help residents confidently carry on doing the things they’ve always done.

Every aspect of Castle Brook has been designed to promote freedom and exploration, incorporating many aspects of daily life outside a care home in a safe and secure environment.

For residents who enjoy being active, there will be a full and varied activities and exercise programme seven days a week that also promotes the benefits of spending time outdoors, where there will be an abundance of secure space including gardens, a walking path and water features.

There will also be a four-wheeled bicycle for two that will give residents, friends and family the opportunity to share and create memories together on a specially-designed cycle track.

The Rt. Hon Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for health and MP for North Norfolk, said: ‘Castle Brook provides a fantastic environment for its residents. I was particularly struck by the exemplary entertainment facilities and open spaces, as well as the friendliness of the staff.

There has been a real effort to create a sense of community where people can stay active in mind and body - giving them a life rather than an existence, which is absolutely essential for people with dementia.’

Castle Brook will include state-of-the-art technology, designed to enhance and integrate into daily life without being intrusive.

Fingerprint recognition for visitors and staff, intelligent lifts that appear when someone stands in front of them, and advanced night-time monitoring software that contributes to a better night’s sleep are among some of the advanced features being installed from the outset.

Mr Lamb added: ‘It also showcases some of the most innovative and futuristic technology I've seen in a care setting. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and am confident that the residents will feel at home at Castle Brook.’

Cllr John Whitehouse (Kenilworth Abbey), Cllr Jerry Roodhouse (Rugby – Eastlands and Hillmorton), and Richard Dickson (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Kenilworth and Southam) accompanied Mr Lamb during the visit.

A few rooms and apartments are still available at Castle Brook with viewings available throughout the week.

Christine Asbury, WCS Care’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Castle Brook is challenging many people’s ideas about what a care home is and the quality of life they can expect.

It will be a vibrant, bustling environment led by the residents who live there – it’s about independence and ensuring people carry on doing the things they’ve always enjoyed doing, while providing new opportunities they might not have considered, so that every day is well lived.’