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Welcome to our booking portal 

We've introduced a new booking portal for visits to loved ones in our homes. You'll be able to book available slots and manage your booking online. We'll also send a reminder to your email address, 24 hours before your visit.

Visiting pods/rooms (including those behind-a-screen and those in the same-space as the resident)

All online bookings for our visiting rooms and pods require at least 24 hours' notice and can be made up to two weeks in advance (for bookings further ahead, please contact the home). 

If you're booking a same-space visit (those on the same side of the visiting pod/room as the resident), you must arrive at least 30 minutes before you appointment to complete a rapid test. You'll also need to wear PPE including a face mask, gloves and an apron (available at the home).

Scroll down to the form below to book or please click here to open a new window.

Out-of-home visits (online booking coming soon)

We welcome news that, from 04 May, the Government has further lifted restrictions in England which mean residents can leave their care home to spend time outdoors without needing to self-isolate for 14 days when they return. 

The new guidance includes residents being able to visit their family's garden or take a walk in parks, public gardens and beaches etc. We've summarised some of the key points from the guidance here.

We've been making preparations in anticipation of this announcement and have appropriate risk assessment tools in place so that the risk of infection being brought into the home and affecting other residents is minimised.

Online booking for out-of-home visits will be available soon. In the meantime, please contact your Home Manager to book an out-of-home visit. 

Booking a visit using the online form below

  1. Select the home you would like to visit (service) e.g. Visit Attleborough Grange 
  2. Select the date you'd like to visit - a selection of available times will then display. Each visit is usually up to 30 minutes
  3. Add your details including your name, email address, phone number and any special requests
  4. Provide additional information including the type of visit you'd like:
    • behind-a-screen in a visiting pod/room (option not available at Westlands); or
    • same-space visit in a visiting pod/room (the same side of the visiting pod or visiting room) - please note: same-space visits require up to two, consistent named visitors (agreed in advance) who will need to complete a rapid test (with a negative result) before each visit - you must arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete this. You will also be provided with PPE including a face mask, gloves and apron to wear throughout your visit
  5. Tell us the name of the resident you're visiting
  6. Agree to our privacy policy for online bookings (if you do not agree, you will not be able to proceed with your booking online - please contact the home to book over the phone)

And that's it. Once you've clicked book, you'll receive an email confirmation which will be sent to the email address you provided when booking.

If you have any questions about your booking, please contact your home's Visitor Facilitator.