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Welcome to our booking portal for out-of-the-care-home visits

Thank you for supporting your relative with a visit out-of-the-care-home. 

If the home is not experiencing an outbreak, please contact the home in advance by email or phone to enter this into your loved one's diary so the team can help them to get ready for their day out.

During an outbreak your out-of-the-care-home visit requires at least 48 hours' notice and will be subject to review by the home's management team, which means it is not guaranteed if the risk is deemed high (other visiting options may also be available).

Please read 'Important information for booking out-of-the-care-home visits' and 'How to book an out-of-the-care-home visit online' below before proceeding with your booking. 

Scroll down to the form below to book or please click here to open a new window.

Before the out-of-the-care-home visit can be considered, we need you to agree to all the risk assessment statements below when booking online:

  1. About you (relative/visitor) - you agree that you:
    a) are one of the nominated visitors, already agreed in advance with the resident (where possible) and the care home
    b) will have an LFT test in the care home at least 30 minutes before the scheduled visit time (or provide valid proof from NHS Test and Trace of a negative test taken the same day)
    c) have received a Covid-19 vaccination*
  2. About the resident - you agree that the resident:
    a) is fully vaccinated against Covid-19*
    b) will have an LFT test in the care home at least 30 minutes before the scheduled visit time (a negative result is required)
    c) will be supported to follow all social distancing, hand hygiene and face covering guidance as required throughout the out-of-home visit
  3. About the planned visit - you agree that:
    a) the planned visit will comply with all relevant Government guidance in place at the time
    b) if using indoor facilities during the out-of-home visit e.g. toilets or travelling in a car (in line with Government guidance at the time), a face mask must be used
    c) public transport will not be used at any point before, during or after the visit
  4. Test and Trace - you agree that:
    a) in the event of a breach of PPE/restrictions or an outbreak, you understand that WCS Care is required to share your details with NHS Test and Trace who may contact you to discuss self-isolation and/or Covid testing  

* a more detailed risk assessment is required if either the resident is not fully vaccinated or the relative hasn't had a vaccination, so please get in touch with us to discuss (other visiting options may also be available).

Please do not proceed with your visit if you have recently tested positive for Covid-19, have symptoms or have otherwise been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

Booking an out-of-the-care-home visit via the online portal

  1. Select the home you would like to visit (service) e.g. Day out - Attleborough Grange 
  2. Select the date you'd like to visit - a selection of available times will then display (if booking from abroad, all times shown are in UK time). This is the time that you're loved one will be ready for. If possible please continue to take a rapid test before you collect your loved one.
  3. Add your details including your name, email address and phone number 
  4. Provide additional information including the name of the resident you'd like to see, details of your visit and agreeing to four statements to help us assess any risks for the out-of-home visit
  5. Agree to our privacy policy for online bookings (if you do not agree, you will not be able to proceed with your booking online - please contact the home to book over the phone)

And that's it. Once you've clicked book, you'll receive an email confirmation which will be sent to the email address you provided when booking.

If you have any questions about your booking, please contact your home's management team.