Our Experts by Experience project with Age UK Warwickshire

Experts by Experience
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Who are Experts Experience?


The experts in our Experts by Experience project are Age UK Warwickshire volunteers who, since 2014, have been scrutinising WCS homes to find out what life is really like for people. The experts critiqued all aspects of home life, from atmosphere and cleanliness to mealtimes and culture.

As well as using discreet observations, the Age UK volunteers mingled with people who lived there to discuss how they felt about their quality of life. Each volunteer filed a report rating things like cleanliness, staff attitude and atmosphere from poor to excellent, and also commented on how each score was derived.  It's thought that our Experts by Experience project is the first of its type in the country. 

What did they say about WCS homes?

Generally, comments were positive, with staff being singled out  out for praise by all volunteers, who commented that it was their attitude that was one of the biggest factors when it comes to quality of life in care homes. 

Over-all, volunteers scored WCS homes an average of 8.7/10 in 35 catagories.  Some feedback was challenging, however, with volunteersalso commenting on the intrusive rattle and "visible bulk" of the medication trolley "trundling along"; others commented they didn't see enough choice being offered to residents at mealtimes and had themselves to ask for a different pudding after copious amounts of custard were automatically poured over their rhubarb crumble! Of course, we've duly taken note and have action plans in place to address these issues. 

Pictured below: Age UK Warwickshire Volunteer Adrian chats with Peter, who visits Westlands once a week.

You can read the volunteers' reports in full by clicking on the links below